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In 1985 the company was founded in the UK as IBL lighting Ltd. After 15 years of business, the company expanded to Germany and is now one of the leading international players with two other company locations in Asia. In the first accounting years, IBL lighting produced premium electronic transformers as well as control gears, creating integrated luminaires. Today the production of self-developed lamps is our core competence.

The name IBL lighting has become a synonym for technologically leading products with excellent design and high reliability. In addition, the use of the reusable Gen³ LED module, which was launched in 2014, minimizes environmental impact. Our company works together with well-known partners to continually reduce CO² emissions and other environmental influences.

Designed in Germany & Produced in Germany and Asia


  • Prioritized innovation and sustainability

  • Subsidiaries in China & Hongkong

  • 2014 McDonald‘s MIS2 Award


  • German developed precision

  • QM certification: ISO 14001 & ISO 9001

  • CB certification


  • Illumination on LED basis

  • Customized solutions

  • Tailored design